• Registration No:- COOP/2019/KOTA/100677
  • kotayouthsociety@gmail.com
  • 91-9929644499

KYS’ fourth milestone is to help every person who is in need. KYS regularly donate medicines, rashan, clothes, blankets and wool clothes in winters, water cans etc. to people in need. Seeing the need of blood in the city, KYS had made a separate department looking for blood requirements –“Team-RaktData” to look after blood, plasma and various related things.
KYS members regularly visit slum area to analyze the condition of people and make a track of requirements, and later tries to fulfil every such requirement of people.
To spread joy and happiness, KYS team makes various festive plans to support the needy people, so that every indivisual may enjoy the festival. Last Diwali KYS distributed a token of love consisting of sweets, snacks, fire-crackers, masks, biscuits etc. Donet dry groceryies in mother Teresa’s apna ghar aasharam, in a packet named “Muskan ki Potli”.
Besides helping people in emergency times, KYS helps to make people’s life more better. Seeing a smile on everybody’s face is a common thought of all the members in KYS.