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All the members themselves contribute in this field. To fulfill the motto , the primary work done by KYS members is taking care of 90 hectares of forest land allotted to us by the District Forest Officer, Kota. Every Sunday all the members visit this place with the required tools such as kulhadi, pawda, khurpi etc. and work for the betterment of plants including digging, ploughing, irrigation, fertilizer addition etc. which were being planted by KYS and Forest Dept. earlier. KYS aims at making Kota pollution free and is continuously work towards it.
For the joy all the members get there, KYS has named that land as “Anand-Van”.
KYS organises “Vraksharopan” programme every year at various schools where we plant trees and guide and aware people regarding this.
During pandemic, KYS members themselves, sanitised various colonies, government offices and ran multiple sanitisation programmes.
All the members are completely devoted towards society and physical well being of community as well as themselves and don’t ever turn back wherever physical work is required.


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