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KYS believes that
“Take care of your health that it may serve you to serve God; If health is lost, everything is lost ”
KYS is strongly devoted to support the health system of society and help the needy in emergency times. From usual health services to servings in pandemic times, KYS leaves no stone unturned to serve the people in health sector. One of parts of KYS, Team “RaktData” provides blood to patients collected through regular blood donations by members and by organising routine Blood camps.
In the pandemic times we provided 500 plasma donations, 800 SDP donations and uncountable blood supplies. KYS was very active during pandemic for arranging oxygen concentrators, oxygen cylinders and medicines. We also arrange blood for children infected with Thalassemia which require regular blood supplies.
Quite soon KYS is planning to start a “Medical Equipment Bank (MEB)” for supplying various kinds of medical related accessories like wheel-chairs, oxygen concentrators etc. for patients, free of cost.
KYS has been able to develop connections across India to serve people in emergency conditions. In recent times we have arranged AB negative blood from different states.
We strongly believe that – “It is the health that is real wealth and not the pieces of gold and silver.” and are very actively working towards it.